Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Management of personal information

We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku Co. Ltd. recognizes that the personal information of the customer is important we manage and protect the personal information provided by the customer in order to prevent it from loss and leaking. We declare that we will handle personal information more safely.

What is personal information?

Personal information is like names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. that is provided by customer through our websites we operate and manage.

Collection and use of personal information

We collect and use personal information that we obtain within the score necessary to achieve our purpose of use. When the personal information is acquired, we promptly notify of the purpose of use.

Provision of personal information

We will not disclose or provide to a third party except the outsourced company without the consent. However, we may disclose or provide personal information with the consent of the customer or when disclosure is required by law.

Disclosure, corrections, deletions of personal information

When we receive inquiries about disclosure, correction, deletion, regarding the content of personal information provided by a customer, in case the same of customer, we respect the intention and take any necessary measures within reason to complete the request except when it harms life, health, property and interferes with business performance.

Management and protection of personal information

Personal information provided by customers will be strictly managed by in charge of management of our company and we will endeavor toprevent loss or leaking. And we will strive for safety measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access from the outside.

About cookies

Cookies are an industry standard technology that identifies your computer by the web server that manages your home page. Cookies can identify your computer, but they cannot identify you unless you enter your personal information. We use it for more convenient and efficient access to our customers, and not to use it for any other purpose. You can change your browser settings to refuse to accept cookies (see your browser’s help for more information). If you refuse to receive cookies, you may not be able to use some or all of the services provided on our website.

Scope of personal information

We cannot have responsible for the handling of personal information on other websites linked from our website.


Regarding the handling of personal information, we will review and improve the contents of each of the above items.