Proposal of CO2 Freezer Introduction

Proposal of CO2 Freezer Introduction

We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku is one of the few companies that can handle natural refrigerants among the companies that are engaged in the cooling/heating business such as freezing and refrigerating equipment in Kyushu.

Currently, CFC substitutes (HFCs) are mostly used as refrigerants for freezing and refrigerating equipment, but CFC substitutes are said
to be a cause of global warming so regulations are being tightened in Japan and other countries around the world.
There is a risk that the cooling/heating equipment you are using now will not be usable due to regulations in the future.
As an extremely low environmental impact, the importance of natural refrigerants will increase in the future as a measure to eliminate CFCs.
If you are considering a natural refrigerant, please contact us.

We call refrigerants that exist in nature such as water, air, ammonia, and carbon dioxide (CO2) natural refrigerants, but we at Hiraiwa Netsugaku recommend natural refrigerants that use carbon dioxide.

Reasons to recommend CO2 natural refrigerant

Ammonia is still a popular choice as a refrigerant for industrial freezers, but it is difficult to handle because it is toxic and has a risk of leakage.
Since it also has a pungent odor, some food manufacturers hesitate to introduce it.

Therefore, we at Hiraiwa Netsugaku is paying attention to the highly safe CO2 refrigerant, which is nonflammable and non-toxic among natural refrigerants.
Since carbon dioxide originally exists in the air, it does not adversely affect global warming.
The cooling capacity is also very high.

It is gradually increasing which use Co2 refrigerant for large freezer/refrigerator in Japan.
But maybe you worried about introduction, maintenance, and repair.
We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku, have staff with the technology to handle natural refrigerants such as CO2.
We are also focusing on after-sales follow-up such as maintenance, so you can use it with confidence even after installing cooling/heating equipment that uses natural refrigerant.

Hiraiwa Netsugaku strength is that it can consistently perform from custom-made design, construction, electrical work, and after-sales follow-up for freezing and refrigerating equipment, so if you are considering a natural refrigerant, please contact us.