Hiraiwa Netsugaku's Strengths

Hiraiwa Netsugaku proposes freezing and refrigeration equipment to meet every requirement of our customers. We provide a full range of services from design,construction, and maintenance to improve productivity and efficiency of freezing and refrigeration equipment.

We are one of the largest companies in the freezing equipment industry in the Kyushu area. While many freezer installers in Kyushu are small, we are not only professionals in the field of cooling and heating, but also comprise a large number of specialists in the fields of electricity, energy, and automated production machinery, providing services from a multidisciplinary knowledge base.

Our large number of technical staff members, who are not only in charge of cooling and heating equipment, but also in charge of electricity and controls, allow us to take responsibility for solving any problems that factories may have, from installation to repair. When installing new refrigerators, we listen thoroughly to our customers and provide a full range of services from system construction to control through our unique design and programming.

Hiraiwa Netsugaku has handled freezers from a wide variety of manufacturers in its nearly half-century of history, and based on this experience, we can handle all manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. Also, we will propose the most suitable solution from various perspectives, including the site, customer product conditions, environmental impact, and cost effectiveness.

In addition, we consider the impact of freezing and refrigeration equipment on the natural environment, actively working to move away from CFC-based refrigerants under the supervision of our expert staff. We provide freezer equipment using natural refrigerants (CO2, ammonia) from design to installation and operation after careful consideration of the environmental aspects and cost balance.

New installation of freezing and refrigeration equipment in a factory

We examine the situation from various angles and propose solutions from the customer's point of view.

Hiraiwa Netsugaku's great strength is its ability to handle freezing and refrigeration equipment of all manufacturers.
Freezing and refrigeration equipment comes in many models from a wide variety of manufacturers.
In our nearly half-century history, we have handled freezing and refrigeration equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, enabling us to repair and install all manufacturers.

We are able to handle all manufacturers' freezing and refrigeration equipment and can make the best proposals among them, which is a significant thing for our customers.

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We complete everything in-house from design, installation, and after-sales maintenance of freezing and refrigeration equipment.

Our after-sales service is also one of our strengths, with more than 3,500 repairs performed annually. Our unique customer database enables us to keep detailed histories of information by equipment and parts, and to build an accurate follow-up and maintenance system. We can respond quickly and accurately to urgent problems.

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Freezing and Refrigeration Equipment Repair Capable of repairing freezing and refrigeration equipment of all manufacturers

Reliable 365-days service in Kyushu

Hiraiwa Netsugaku handles all manufacturers' freezers, so naturally our employees are well versed in the freezers of all manufacturers.

Repair of Freezing and Refrigeration Equipment


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