Freezing and Refrigeration Equipment [Installation]

Freezing and Refrigeration Equipment [Installation]

We provide a full range of services from new installation to repair and maintenance of freezing and refrigeration equipment!

We provide a full range of services from new installation to repair and maintenance of freezing and refrigeration equipment!
“It suddenly stopped cooling, and I was wondering if you could help me as soon as possible.”
“We are using a special refrigerant, can you handle it?”
“We want to make a product ●● in 〇〇 minutes to be in 〇〇 condition.”
We frequently receive this kind of consultation from our customers.
We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku are confident that we can respond to all your inquiries.
45 years as a company specializing in freezing and refrigeration equipment in Minami-Kyushu, Japan.
We believe that we have been chosen for a long time because we have consistently and sincerely responded to our customers’ problems from new installation to repair and maintenance of freezing and refrigeration equipment


What are Hiraiwa Netsugaku’s strengths?

Capable of handling freezing and
refrigeration equipmentfrom all domestic andforeign manufacturers

Our great strength is our ability to handle refrigeration and freezing equipment from all manufacturers, both domestic and overseas. For freezing and refrigeration equipment, a wide range of models with. various specifications are available from many manufacturers in Japan and overseas In our nearly half-century history,Hiraiwa Netsugaku has handled a wide variety of equipment from many different manufacturers, making it possible for us to offer customized repair and installation proposals for these manufacturers’ equipment.
Based on a thorough analysis of the customer’s point of view, including site conditions, product status, installation costs,and maintenance costs, we select equipment from a variety of perspectives, including Japanese, European, and U.S. products. We then conduct intensive consultations based on these findings, and provide a full range of services, from system design and production to after-sales follow-up.
While information on refrigerants in the market these days is mixed with various information, we will catch the latest information as soon as possible. We will explain the development status, advantages and disadvantages of CFCs and natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2 in an easy-to-understand manner from the customer’s point of view, without being a one-way street.
We also provide the latest information and procedures for subsidies and tax benefits associated with the introduction of these equipment.


We complete everything in-housefrom design, installation,and after-sales maintenance of freezingand refrigeration equipment.

We are one of the largest companies in the freezing equipment industry in the Kyushu area.
We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku are not only specialized in the cooling/heating business, which is our core business, but also have many specialists in electrical and instrumentation.
Many of the companies in our industry are run by a small number of people, and most of them outsource electrical and instrumentation.
Hiraiwa Netsugaku will provide total support for your needs, from planning to installation and maintenance, based on thorough consultations with experts in freezing and refrigeration equipment and experts in electrical and instrumentation technology.



We provide overwhelming additional value through the fusion of
cooling, electricity, and instrumentation.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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