Top – class poultry plant cooling equipment in Japan

Top – class poultry plant cooling equipment in Japan

Kyushu shares for about 48% of Japan’s processing of chicken (broilers), and Kagoshima and Miyazaki for about 43%.
We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku has been introducing cooling equipment to various size of chicken processing plants for many years based in Kagoshima and Miyazaki.
Our achievement is top class in Japan.

We at Hiraiwa Netsugaku will solve the poultry processing factory’s all the problems with the experience through many years of achievements. From carcass cooling to productivity gains and energy solutions at the treatment plant, please leave us at Hiraiwa Netsugaku all about for poultry processing plants.

Why livestock related people choose Hiraiwa Netsugaku?

Hiraiwa Netsugaku will make the best suggestions in order to contribute to labor saving and productivity improvement in food factories with catching information on cuttingedge equipment in Japan and around the world.
Even after the introduction, we will build a detailed maintenance system that makes the best use of our comprehensive strength and will consistently perform after-sales follow-up such as maintenance and repair.

So far, we at Hiraiwa Netsugaku have introduced various process cooling systems for meat processing plants. We got experience and knowledge about the products (chicken, pork, beef) in many years, in order to add more value, not only the cooling system for the manufacturing process but also provide the meat processing machine for productivity improvement, labor saving.
In addition, in order to increase the added value of our products, we test the process from cooling to processing every day in our own test room.

We have proposals for meat processing machines that only we can do as professionals in product cooling. From planning and development to construction and after-sales follow-up, leave it to us at Hiraiwa Netsugaku.